Let’s face it ladies, life is fluid we make changes all day, everyday. I start the day wanting to feel pretty and by evening I want to be sexy. My shoes need to match my clothes, my style and my mood.

Galibelle has the answer.

Galibelle has designed a huge selection of sandals and straps for every change. I simply change the strap and I’m ready to be who I want!

Galibelle straps come in a multitude of patterns, textures, fabrics and colours. I can stay in the same dress and just change straps to match my new mood.

Travelling is so much easier because Galibelle straps are compact and changing them is easy! I carry straps in my handbag. In minutes I am wearing a different shoe, a different look, a different style.

I can go from business to casual, to trendy, to extravagant. One sole, so many options! Galibelle fits me and my lifestyle perfectly!